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About Us

Welcome to The Mahi Boutique!

Who Are We?

We are a San Diego, California based Slow Fashion Boutique offering natural, organic substitutes to products you use every day.  All of our clothing is handcrafted and produced locally in San Diego.  We carefully choose all of our materials to ensure that they are not only completely natural, but also high in quality, so that we can guarantee that you will love all of our products! 

Semi Customization:

An element of Mahi’s boutique environment, we allow our customers to be involved in the process of designing their clothing! It helps ensure that the customer’s needs are met and exceeded. We let our customers decide the fabric color and the length of their chosen style. The length of our clothing can be modified since we cut and sew our clothing after your order is placed. We are also in the process of introducing customization to the sleeves and neckline of our clothing! 

Our Mission: To Save the Earth Together, One Step at a Time

Our mission sounds large, but we've made it simple. By producing sustainable replacements to frequently used everyday products, we make it easy for anyone to be environmentally friendly! Because every big change starts small, one step at a time.

Reduced Footprint & Waste:  We are Slow Fashion. Unlike most fast-fashion stores and brands, we don't keep any inventory!  Each article of clothing is sewn after the order comes in, so that we have zero waste. (We also collect all our scrap of fabric to convert them into useful products such as scrunchies, hanker chiefs, cloth wipes etc.)
By keeping all of our manufacturing local, we reduce our carbon footprint and keep our business running sustainably. 


100% Organic Clothing:  You may notice that we do not offer any bright colored fabrics - this is all a part of our promise to stay 100% natural and organic.  With no harsh dyes or chemicals, our clothing is just as good for you as it is for the environment.  

 Sustainability, made affordable: We know that buying all natural products can be an expensive practice, so we do our best to make sure that our goods are accessible to everyone.  Our products are priced as close to cost as possible to keep our business running, so you know that you are paying for the quality that you receive. 

Sustainability Goes Beyond the Environment: 

Caring for the environment is definitely an important step towards sustainability, but its only one of many! Creating sustainable social and economic practices is just as important. That is why we donate $1 per order to a private orphanage. 

We are always adding new products, so make sure to check back in or sign up for our newsletter!