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Welcome to The Mahi Boutique!

Mahi means Mother Earth in Sanskrit. The label was born from my passion for textile and handmade goods. Having worked in the garment industry for over two decades, I felt a passion to start my own business in 2020. I have since made an effort to source and curate eco-friendly substitutes of products that we use every day. Our collection features products that are sustainable and good for the environment, all without compromising quality. I aim to spread awareness on eco-conscious products that are versatile, have minimal impact, and are sustainable. Through The Mahi Boutique, I hope to give back to the Earth by making a positive impact on our planet, while inspiring an environment of positive consumer choices. 

The creative production behind The Mahi Boutique happens locally. I design and make the patterns in my home and have a local sewer who helps bring my designs to life. All of the garments are made-to-order or produced in limited quantities to ensure quality and avoid excessive inventory. I have always enjoyed getting my hands on to create new products to add to the line.

All the natural fabrics and pre-made products are sourced from various artisans in India, every single piece being handcrafted with precision, care, and artistry. This creates a unique product with subtle imperfections in the weave, stitch, embroidery, and color. Each of our sourced products and natural fabrics has been created and treated with love, consciousness, and care. My goal is to bring the highest-quality handcrafted products made with 100% natural material for customers in North America.

However, creating garments using natural material is not enough. What good is designing clothes but disregarding the issue of fabric wastage? That's why all the products at Mahi are made with a conscious effort to develop designs that result in minimal or no wastage. Nothing is wasted in the creative, design or stitching process. 

Sustainability is the act of "meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." We should all "live and consume with intention."

Thank you for taking the time and visiting The Mahi Boutique.

Vinti Mehra 
The Mahi Boutique
San Diego, California